Paul Sleeman

Boats have been part of my family life life since childhood. I can clearly remember conversations around the dinner table relating to boats and sailing, much to the annoyance of my mother! During my career I have built canal boats, worked in a joinery workshop making doors and windows.

In my spare time I have refurbished several classes of sailing dinghy. I started sailing Albacores and went on to sail several other dinghies, eventually returning to Albacores, sailing them as much as work allowed. During this time I also became an RYA senior sailing instructor and powerboat instructor.

I have now fitted out over forty five Ovington Albacores, three with wooden decks and one with wooden buoyancy tanks and decks. I have also fitted out Enterprises, Fireflys (over 100), K1’s, K2’s , K6’s, Squibs and Vipers 640 (about 100). I have restored several other boats with new woodwork, painting and varnishing.


Jacqui Sleeman

I was introduced to sailing well before I married Paul and have been employed making any parts that require sewing i.e. toe straps, padded rudder bags, spin socks, spinnaker bags, halyard bags, etc. I am also his general dogs-body, fitting in tasks where needed.

Sadly we lost Dennis our guard dog, taken from us early, after being run over. So we went to Bath Cat and Dogs home and fell in love with Nugget. He had had a very hard life, being left to fend for himself on a farm for eleven years. We were advised that Nugget had lived outside all his life so to repatriate him into a loving home was, at first difficult. However, after three months of patient hard work, he now happily resides by the fire. He can now live the rest of his life in comfort.