The company

The company name CS Boats was derived from two family names, Crowther and Sleeman, both of which have been involved with boats for many years. My Father, Fred Sleeman took me out on one of his Dolphin boats at just six weeks old, (nearly giving my mum a heart attack, not knowing if I would be back safe and sound).  Dad sailed and built 17′ OD Dolphins based in Plymouth winning many trophies over several years. Then he sold his Dolphin so we could have a very good Christmas one year.  He then bought a New Albacore, 2030 from JD Young in 1972, and then sadly he was taken from us in 1973.

Stanley Crowther was my dad’s cousin. Stanley was a regular winner of the Albacore nationals, winning in 1963, 1964, 1965 and 1968. In 1973 I crewed for a Canadian and we finished 25th in the World Albacore Championships in Plymouth.


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