Composite 2 Albacore

Ovington shell fitted with wooden centre board case, buoyancy tanks, thwart and decks with hard wood gunwale. This will be fitted out to our championship specification. To include kicker, outhaul, Cunningham, Seldén mast strut, adjustable rig tension (course and fine), toe straps, alloy stock and Milanes foils choice of Seldén or Super Spars mast and boom, flyaway whisker pole and Michael McNamara championship winning sails. We are able to offer Harken, Seldén or Allen’s fittings. You can also design your own layout to personalize the boat to your preferences.


Delivered (UK Mainland) and Measured ready to race with Harken fittings £12995 or £12795 with Seldén fittings to our standard layout.



Composite 2 is a Ovington shell with centreboard case sides, then it has wooden bulkheads, buoyancy tanks, centreboard capping and decks
Fitted with self bailers and transom flaps.

Mast options
Seldén Zeta.
Seldén cumulus.
Seldén Alto.
Super Spars M2.
Super Spars M7.

Boom options
Super Spars B2.

Allan’s rudder stock (Budget . Seldén rudder stock)

Michael McNamara sails.
It is possible to supply other makes of sails or with no sails.

Mast ram
Seldén (other makes supplied on request).

Jib Sheet travelers are Allan.
Other fittings required to fit boat out are Allen’s and  RWO.
Fly away whisker pole down the mast made by us.
Toe Straps made in house.

Jib tension and Shroud tension are on top of centreboard case.
Kicker, Outhaul and both mast ram controls are on thwart.
Jib tension 2 : 1 and 6 : 1 before being feed back to the top of centreboard case.
Shroud tension each shroud has 6 : 1 controlled by a further 6 : 1 before being feed back to top of centreboard case.
Kicker 16 : 1.
Downhaul 2 : 1.
Boom out haul 4 : 1.

We can offer a bespoke fit out to meet your requirements, just ask.